"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose." ~Dr. Seuss

The past couple of days have been stressful due to having to buckle down and do what's best for my family and myself. It's always important for me to be there for the people that were and are there for me and no other superficial reasoning...Just LOVE.  Nevertheless after working my tuckus off (like that's even possible #BootyGameTooStrong:) )and getting my head and heart on the same page I needed to surround myself with art and food. :)  So, off to a few of my happy places...The Dr. Seuss gallery and Cone! 

I was fixing my hair and my sister got me...in motion. I look so angry but I wasn't. Wine. Eyes.


I had to get these...Lion. Queen. Where shall I hang them? Hmmm


Cone is my absolute favorite ice cream spot in Chicago. The outside area is so cozy and romantic to me. 

 It's summer my work schedule has slowed down...a bit. So, I figured it's best that I use some of my free-time doing something I love and would make a change  in others  lives. A few weeks ago I found myself at a familiar place. A children's hospital that I have volunteered with in the past.  Even when I wasn't able to dedicate my time I donated my money and I literally called everyone I knew to raise awareness in hopes they would donate their time and/or funds. My spirit and prayers are always with those in dire need. Children with health ailments always struck an internal chord with-in me that  plays thee saddest tune heard. The thought of an ill child or a child battling for their life has always created a tsunami of emotions and questions. At one point in my life it made me question some of my spiritual beliefs. When ever someone mentions karma one of the first points raised is "If karma is real explain why innocent babies get sick and die?" Until recently I was stumped and unable to come up with an answer that would stick. A being so innocent and angelic dealing with circumstances that I wish upon  no one. Why God? Why must they suffer? What can I do to help? So, the natural thing to do is donate money... Right? Then I was faced with another set of questions: How do I know my money isn't being used for administrative purposes or even worse some board heads trips to Saint Tropez and addiction to hookers? Then I thought to myself: Self, you have to get in the thick of things. Get below the surface of free labor and conspiracies of embezzlement. Fast forward to now and after doing my due diligence I found all of the answers to my questions. I have met children and people I would have never met. All very different backgrounds and personalities. The common denominator is LOVE.  We all had the same song playing in our hearts. A song of unconditional love with no ulterior motives...wanting absolutely nothing in return. These children are sick, yes. Suffering? Sometimes. They are surrounded by more love than one will experience if they lived a 100 year lifespan. They are loved by people that want nothing and I mean nothing in return other than to see them smile, hear their laughter and witness healing.  I've witnessed young spirits so strong I can't help but think: Wow, thank you God for loaning us your angels to completely change my life and teach  the true meaning of tenacity, faith, perseverance and most importantly LOVE.  God is LOVE and I've never been more sure of that. I just want to hug the world and tell everyone I LOVE them!

That extremely awkward work-out when it's just another guy and yourself, he leaves and comes back with his buddies and they stare at all of the ladies while we're on the ellipticals(thankfully a neighbor and her friend joined me);Making us feel extremely uncomfortable. El grosso. So, I did what any grossed out woman whom just wants 30 minutes of cardio would do...I retreated to the weights corner until they left. Selfie Op...she doesn't lift weights. Teehee :)


Journey Into Pescetarianism-

About 6 months ago I decided to go pescetarian; for a number of reasons. First one being a healthier lifestyle. My initial plan was to simply rid read meats from my diet. However, after delving a little deeper into the poultry industry and the inequality treatment of chicken farm owners by large chicken corporations and absolutely no-support from the government I decided to no longer support an industry that takes advantage of the start-up chicken farmer by making them take out extremely high interest loans and then making them sign contracts with large chicken corporations that in turn pay-out a fraction of earnings which results in the chicken farmer living below poverty lines. I encourage all to research this travesty of an industry. I know...I know...In theory this sounds great but in practice this may prove to be difficult. But, it's not. If I can do it...So can you! First step: clean out your refrigerator. Remove all red meats and chicken. Just start from scratch. Second step: Research for tasty supplements. Third Step: The 3rd step is probably the easiest since most of us like to dine-out and almost every restaurant has a seafood section. So, good luck and let me know how it goes!

With Dave Flanzbaum owner of Chicago's Viaggio Ristorante & Lounge. Great seafood selection!

Don't fear you can still eat tasty foods; The sausages were not mine. I encourage not enforce my beliefs

Empty your fridge and start from scratch. I had guest that put things in my fridge that didn't support my eating lifestyle and I had to start the cleaning process all over leaving me only with beverages. Let's start this journey together readers!

Thank you Professor Brinson owner and creator of Miracle Foods for supplying me with my absolute favorite chicken supplements. Available exclusively at Whole Foods Market and Mariano's Fresh Market. I will be creating and sharing some of my favorite Miracle Food recipes over the next few days!

ReBirth Of TangiVision

I kicked; I screamed; I protested. And, then I surrendered to the reality that we live in a narcissistic digital world. Where everyone's running around at accelerated speeds.  And, let's not get into the crazy world of cyber stalking, cyber bullying and the crazies we make ourselves accessible to online. I was a target of hacking and cyber bullying but I refuse to be a victim. I will not be stifled by others childish games nor stoop to their hellish levels. If you find yourself being harassed via online or telephone hire a telephone forensics specialist to indeed prove your phone has been hacked and then file a police report to protect yourself in the event of any future crime committed against you.  Anyhoot, let's face it if you don't have some sort of existence composed of jpeg's and digital codes to give your life a projection on hand held devices, laptops, or tablets you're a fading ghost howling in the distant wind, to those you don't see on a regular basis. I mean when I see some of my own family they have no clue what is going on in my life. It's been years since I Facebooked (I literally have no idea how to even navigate on there anymore). Instagram seemed to turn into a "oh, look at what I have and how cute I am and all of the people who I desperately need validation from".  What is even a snapchat? You post a picture and then it disappears? Yeah, that totally makes sense. I never use any of them. I only text and email for business purposes or my intermediate family. If we're friends sorry you have to hear this nasally high pitch voice. I NEVER and I mean NEVER text nor email friends or companions. I just like to live my life with the ones I truly love on a more personable level. You know actually visiting, talking on the phone (That's when you dial a phone number wait for the receiving party to answer and you start a conversation. It's actually pretty cool...try it sometime). In today's computer coded make-up that leaves a lot of people you care about out of loop. I encourage direct meaningful communication with loved ones and friends on a regular basis. But, who am I kidding we all need some sort of online outlet. So, I said to myself: Self, create another blog. However much I push and scream it just makes sense to give Tangivision the light of day.  I know I sound like an old proud Mary; To the contrary I am tech savvy and keep my ear to the ground. World affairs, spirituality, pop culture, the business world, fashion, philanthropy, art and music are just some of my interest and things incorporated in my life and I am here to share them all with you. Wipe the dew out of your eyes it's time for Tangivision.