Happy Monday!

Yes, I said: Happy Monday.  I loathe when people complain about Monday mornings. A) It's a new day that the Lord has blessed you with. B) They're complaining about something they ultimately have control over...Utilization of their time and happiness. So many people dilute their true happiness and potential because their desires and dreams are not conventional. I try my absolute best to make the things that grind my gears fuel me. For instance: Ever since I was young girl I absolutely loved horses and I can't articulate how angry I get when I see two horses pulling a carriage filled with people or even a couple (the denomination isn't the point it's the act itself.) So, awhile back  I reached out to Hooved Humane Animal Society, Illinois Horse Rescue and SHARE and adopted a horse! I will be adopting more in the near future. Most people thought I was crazy for wanting to do this and then actually doing it. However,  I'm just a firm believer in changing the things that pisses me off. This Monday morning I was soooo excited to find my new friend a loving home! I'm back at the office and ready to kick this weeks ass! Let's go! Yes, my boots smell a bit like horse poop but it's well worth it. Have a blessed and highly favored week guys and dolls. XOXOXO


My new friend! Going to  get this little guy big and healthy!

This little cow/horse hybrid is sooo cute!

I haven't ridden in so long! I start my refreshers this week! So elated!

Warm cider, orange leaves, pumpkin patches, halloween, haunted houses and cute layered ensembles; What's not to love about fall? Beautiful citrus tones, browns and nudes typically are the autumn color scheme but  this year let's go pink!  Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are so many wonderful ingredients into the recipe of us women inner and outer.  Let's embrace women, womanhood and all of the organs and tissue that compose our feminity. Let's stand together, support and let those that have been through partial segmental mastectomy, quadrantectomy and radical mastectomy know we care, sympathize and want to help fill the void with losing a piece of themselves with love and support. So, this year I challenge all women to love every lady lump and curve of their own no matter how big or small and reach out and be a sister to those fighting to save theirs! Let's be the difference between caring and curing and donate to the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation!



Embrace and appreciate your breast.


A little Jitrois, Alaia, Barbara Bui and Christian Louboutin.

Guess who....

Oh, hi...



...black hair. 

When you realize you suck at playing pool...lay on the table, pout and then practice until you become a regular Karen Corr. 

I'm just one of the guys, what can I say. *Shrugs*


I have battled with insomnia for the past 20 years. I've tried every holistic, spiritual and out right bizarre remedy one could think of to knock my bout with insomnia flat on it's ass. However, last night I discovered thee most common remedy that for some very odd reason I have overlooked and never combined...I didn't eat after 8pm, I then worked out, took a bubble bath to soothing music and voile I was out like a pacified baby. Despite having one of the biggest meetings of this year the next day...being today. I woke up feeling amazingly refreshed and thanking God for keeping me through the night to see his beautiful light of sun. Glowray! (Get it? Glow...sun, thanking God;Giving him the glory....GlowRay. *Chuckles and slaps knee*. Anyway, I've been doing business development for awhile now and I absolutely love it! You know what else I love...me! A lot! I can look myself in the mirror and be proud of all I have acquired and stand to acquire based on a very strict code of integrity, honesty, smart/hard work and most importantly being myself every step of the way. Loving yourself is the first step to success in life, love, relationships be it personal or business.  Once you know your faults and  weaknesses no one can use them against you and most importantly you gain insight on what you have to work on. Two shots of espresso and grooving tunes every step of the way made me want to take and share some morning snaps of me getting ready and en-route...after several outfit changes and tjuz redo's I finally got it together. Believe it or not it takes me under an hour to get ready. Remember guys and dolls  be love. Be in the moment. Be prepared and most importantly be YOU. Peace and blessings to all

Beautiful sunny day!

Can you tell this is my jam?! I don't twerk I vogue and do the money dance. Hahahaha

Church & Brunch

Be grateful for all that is bestowed upon you."-Grandma

I sat in Church today and chuckled to myself because I remember when I was fresh out of school and  working for the architect firm responsible for the redesigning and remodeling of Fourth Presbyterian Church Chicago. The exact church I've been going to for the past several years. I was a baby and had this multi-million dollar project I was working on and scared out of my mind. I remember my grandmother telling me  "Be grateful for the stress and the challenges" I listened but I wasn't hearing her at the time. Obviously time passes on; we grow older; If we're lucky wiser and life does this funny thing and comes full circle. It's easy to be grateful when everything is going great and when you're in your comfort zone. However, to be grateful and joyous when you're scared, uncertain and overwhelmed is the greatest blessing of all because you're building character and testing your faith.Nothing makes God happier than to see his children doing the right thing; Putting one foot forward and resting their worries upon him. He wants to go to battle for us and that is something we all should be eternally grateful for. :) 

I let a friend put gray streaks in my hair for the weekend. Just for fun and this weekend. :) 

One of my favorites... Riff Raff salad at Ralph Lauren Restaurant. 

Later that day...nightfall.

Older sister and in the lounge area at a comedy charity show.

Alaia everything...

Alaia everything...

*Wipes tears....joy away. I have sinned. Umami Burger. Yummers

*Wipes tears....joy away. I have sinned. Umami Burger. Yummers

This weekend I discovered I have over 300 pairs of shoes(Who counts their shoes anyway). So, I decided to donate some to various charities, friends and family(Leaving me with just under 200). I couldn't part with some of my favorites below. :( Especially my first pair of Dior's purchased by my parentals when I was in high school. LOL. They are so beat up but they're my favorites. Sentimental. 

Dior's from High School. 

Dior's from High School. 

If you guys and dolls get a moment please visit and donate to my friends at Bridge to Success. They specialize in getting those that have fell on hard times prepared and back into the working field. If what you donate does not fit the work attire category they will donate your items to The Holy Cathedral Church! Thanks

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose." ~Dr. Seuss

The past couple of days have been stressful due to having to buckle down and do what's best for my family and myself. It's always important for me to be there for the people that were and are there for me and no other superficial reasoning...Just LOVE.  Nevertheless after working my tuckus off (like that's even possible #BootyGameTooStrong:) )and getting my head and heart on the same page I needed to surround myself with art and food. :)  So, off to a few of my happy places...The Dr. Seuss gallery and Cone! 

I was fixing my hair and my sister got me...in motion. I look so angry but I wasn't. Wine. Eyes.


I had to get these...Lion. Queen. Where shall I hang them? Hmmm


Cone is my absolute favorite ice cream spot in Chicago. The outside area is so cozy and romantic to me. 

 It's summer my work schedule has slowed down...a bit. So, I figured it's best that I use some of my free-time doing something I love and would make a change  in others  lives. A few weeks ago I found myself at a familiar place. A children's hospital that I have volunteered with in the past.  Even when I wasn't able to dedicate my time I donated my money and I literally called everyone I knew to raise awareness in hopes they would donate their time and/or funds. My spirit and prayers are always with those in dire need. Children with health ailments always struck an internal chord with-in me that  plays thee saddest tune heard. The thought of an ill child or a child battling for their life has always created a tsunami of emotions and questions. At one point in my life it made me question some of my spiritual beliefs. When ever someone mentions karma one of the first points raised is "If karma is real explain why innocent babies get sick and die?" Until recently I was stumped and unable to come up with an answer that would stick. A being so innocent and angelic dealing with circumstances that I wish upon  no one. Why God? Why must they suffer? What can I do to help? So, the natural thing to do is donate money... Right? Then I was faced with another set of questions: How do I know my money isn't being used for administrative purposes or even worse some board heads trips to Saint Tropez and addiction to hookers? Then I thought to myself: Self, you have to get in the thick of things. Get below the surface of free labor and conspiracies of embezzlement. Fast forward to now and after doing my due diligence I found all of the answers to my questions. I have met children and people I would have never met. All very different backgrounds and personalities. The common denominator is LOVE.  We all had the same song playing in our hearts. A song of unconditional love with no ulterior motives...wanting absolutely nothing in return. These children are sick, yes. Suffering? Sometimes. They are surrounded by more love than one will experience if they lived a 100 year lifespan. They are loved by people that want nothing and I mean nothing in return other than to see them smile, hear their laughter and witness healing.  I've witnessed young spirits so strong I can't help but think: Wow, thank you God for loaning us your angels to completely change my life and teach  the true meaning of tenacity, faith, perseverance and most importantly LOVE.  God is LOVE and I've never been more sure of that. I just want to hug the world and tell everyone I LOVE them!

That extremely awkward work-out when it's just another guy and yourself, he leaves and comes back with his buddies and they stare at all of the ladies while we're on the ellipticals(thankfully a neighbor and her friend joined me);Making us feel extremely uncomfortable. El grosso. So, I did what any grossed out woman whom just wants 30 minutes of cardio would do...I retreated to the weights corner until they left. Selfie Op...she doesn't lift weights. Teehee :)